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Suzhou International Expo Centre
Exposition Center
Distance from airport: 43 km
Distance from Suzhou Jinji Lake International Convention Center: 0 km


Guest room: 307 room(s)
Venue: 60 room(s)
Total venue space: 50000 sq. m
Largest venue space: 25000 sq. m

Venue Details

  • Venue Name
    Capacity (guest(s))
  • Indoor Exhibition Area
    Indoor Exhibition Area: 100000 sq. m


    Area: 100000 sq. m
  • International Standard Booths
    International Standard Booths: -


    No. of Booths: 4000
  • Conference Area
    Conference Area: 50000 sq. m


    Area: 50000 sq. m
  • Car Parking
    Car Parking: -


    No. of car Parking: 2000

About Suzhou International Expo Centre

Suzhou International Expo Center is a large exhibition complex, including exhibition and conference, accommodation and catering, cultural and arts, business travel and other services. It locates in the core area of SIP’s CBD, the only 5A national business travel demonstration zone, closing to the Jinji Lake.